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Getting down to business with BLITZ Gym

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Author: Try Twickenham / Date: Wed, 09/05/2018 - 12:19 /

Miranda Jessop finds herself feeling motivated as she takes a tour of the newly refurbished BLITZ gym with coach Debs Manlove.

We used to be called Blitz CrossFit but we have recently rebranded and our new name is Blitz.   Although CrossFit is still a huge part of what we do, we have now introduced Sweat and Lift classes and really want to get the message out that Blitz is a training gym that is accessible to absolutely everyone.

Our recent refurbishment has made such a difference.  As well as a light and airy reception area, we have completely upgraded our changing facilities and we now have two separate studios, enabling us to offer even more classes.   Due to popular demand, we will soon be adding a cafe area just by the entrance.

We run three different types of class.  CrossFit is a combination of mono structural exercise (running, rowing, skipping, cycling), gymnastics (pull-ups, rope climb, press-ups) and weight lifting while Sweat is a high intensity class of resistance training and cardio and Lift is a free weights session for toning and strength. We also offer classes for kids which are a fantastic combination of exercise and fun.

What makes Blitz unique is the way such a broad range of abilities and ages are able to work out in the same class.  Through a system known as ‘scaling’, everyone exercises at their own level and no two sessions are ever the same.

I am one of nine coaches here and I couldn’t do my job without the rest of the team.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching and we are constantly striving to make ourselves even better.  We have weekly development sessions where we bounce ideas around.  We also take turns participating in specialist courses and we bring that knowledge back and share it with the rest of the team.

Unlike a regular gym, there is no need to commit to a longterm contract.  We operate a monthly scheme where members can opt for twice a week, three times a week or unlimited membership.  Alternatively, people can purchase a pack of classes (1, 5, 10 or 20) which they can use whenever they choose.  In this way, all our current members are training with us regularly and that’s how we like it.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing members progress and achieve goals they never thought possible. It’s amazing to help them to improve their fitness so they are breaking boundaries over and over again.

As well as a coach, I am also a qualified nutritionist and, here at Blitz, we run regular nutritional challenges and seminars.  People come here because they want to be healthier and fitter and, while exercise is a huge part of that, it is only a piece of the puzzle and it is important that we are able to support our members with their nutrition too.

We organise regular social events for members and we have just completed the CrossFit Open which ran over five consecutive Fridays.   Members could come down, complete a workout together before enjoying cocktails and cheesecake afterwards. 

It’s great to be a part of the close community in Twickenham and we have a fantastic relationship with all the other local businesses.  Sandys have even named their gluten-free sausages ‘Blitz Bangers’ after us and we are looking forward to trying to regain our winning title at this year’s Tug of War in Church Street!

If anyone is thinking about joining Blitz, I would say just to give it a go.   Walking into a new place can be intimidating but come in, meet the coaches, book on to that first class and know you are in good hands.


Blitz, 16 Station Yard, Twickenham

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