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Getting Down to Business with NatWest Twickenham

Author: Lesley / Date: Wed, 07/02/2018 - 13:19 /


Rajvinder Bhamra, Branch Manager of NatWest, Twickenham crunches numbers with Miranda Jessop.

My parents always instilled in me the importance of handling money and finances and, when I was still at school, I was given the chance to do some work experience in a bank. I really enjoyed it and it made me realise that working for a bank would give me the opportunity to build a career within an industry that was likely to be around for the long-term.


I joined the banking industry as a cashier fifteen years ago after graduating with a degree in computer science.  Four years later, I joined NatWest as a financial advisor and, before long,  I was managing my own branch in Central London. I moved across to manage the Twickenham branch in 2013.


To be a good branch manager, I think you need plenty of patience as well as a positive outlook and you should never be afraid to learn and adapt.  I believe my role is to inspire and support my team while driving them to understand and react effectively to our customers’ changing needs.


In our line of work, the customers are our absolute priority.   From opening their very first account to assisting with their first house purchase, all of these aspects are so rewarding.


I couldn’t do my job without my amazing team.  There are eight of us in the branch and we all chip in to make sure the customers are getting the very best support we can offer.  If a customer walks out of our branch with a smile, that makes us feel good.


At NatWest we have a clear vision and a great set of values that are mirrored in each and every employee and department across the whole bank. 


Twickenham is such a brilliant area to work in; it’s a very close-knit community and it is so important to me that our branch is an integral part of that. I often walk down the road and get a friendly ‘Hello’ from someone I don’t even know. I also love the fact that there are so many family-owned businesses.


NatWest has a longstanding commitment to rugby; we support the game at all levels from amateur to elite, and have helped more than seven hundred clubs in England and Wales through our RugbyForce programme. We are so proud to be sponsoring the Six Nations Championships this year and, for those of us in the Twickenham branch, it’s particularly exciting to have it all happening on our doorstep!


NatWest, 25 King Street, Twickenham