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Getting Down to Business - TW Chiro

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Chiropractor, Lee Taylor tells Miranda Jessop all about his friendly and professional clinic on Twickenham Green.

The idea of becoming a chiropractor came to me after I experienced the benefits for myself at the age of nineteen. I was suffering with a rugby injury when my friend suggested I see a chiropractor and it helped me so much. Once I had completed my degree in Sports Science, I went on to the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic where I trained for four years.

After I had qualified, I worked for many years as a chiropractor but it was always my ambition to open my own clinic and, in May 2016 , Twickenham Chiropractic Health Centre first opened its doors on Twickenham Green.

People also know us as TW Chiro and and I love having my own clinic, it’s like my own little acorn which I can grow exactly as I choose.  As well as the front-of-house staff, we have a sports rehabilitation therapist as well as two massage therapists and, Emily, our second chiropractor has recently joined us.

More often than not, people come to see us because they are in some sort of pain and we genuinely want to see them getting better in the shortest possible time.  As well as hands-on treatment, we also advise our patients on exercise and how they can prevent problems recurring in the future. 

The main reason people come to see us is for back-related pain and spinal conditions but we can also help with other musculoskeletal conditions not directly related to the spine.

Chiropractors are often known as the people who crack backs.  And, yes, we are pretty good at doing that but it’s also really important to have an empathy and understanding of what a person is going through.  Each treatment plan is completely individual and we monitor a patient’s progress every step of the way.

Our patients are all ages, ranging from a young, fit and active person who has their first-ever episode of back pain to someone with a twenty year history of pain.  Everyone has a different goal; for some it might be getting back to competing in their sport as soon as possible while, for an older person, it might be walking to the shops without too much pain.

Here at TW Chiro we are also able to provide the very latest shockwave therapy which is brilliant for relieving chronic tendon and muscle pain.  Safe, effective and non-invasive, it works well on shin splints, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis as well as numerous other conditions.

Helen, our fantastic sports rehabilitation therapist, has been with us almost since the beginning. She concentrates on getting people back into training, whether that’s playing sport once a week or at more of an elite level.

Another treatment we offer is sports massage therapy. Not just for sportspeople, this deep tissue treatment is really good for general aches and pains as well as recovery.

My best piece of advice for preventing back pain is to try to keep as active as possible.  We are all guilty of spending far too much time sitting down, looking at our computers or phones and so it’s more important than ever to keep moving in different ways, every single day.

I love seeing people get better; for me, that’s what it’s all about. When a patient tells me they have actually forgotten about the pain, that really is the best news I can hear.


TW Chiro, 64 The Green, Twickenham