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Message from the BID Manager - we need your feedback!

Author: Leonna / Date: Mon, 09/07/2018 - 10:02 /

The BID has opened up a survey to obtain feedback from businesses in the BID area, on how the projects and initiatives have worked since 2014 when the Twickenham BID first began. This is an opportunity for levy payers to comment on how they feel on each of the projects, which have been delivered as a direct result of their input. Also to tell us what they feel is most important for their business environment.

Are you a BID Business? 

Share with us what you are happy with and what should continue, your biggest concerns and how you think it should be tackled. Tell us what you see as Twickenham’s potential opportunities and what some of your ideas are for improving and enhancing the business community. We want to hear from you how do you think Twickenham can remain the vibrant destination place and a local hub for the current and future visitors, local residents and business community.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey below as it will form the basis of discussions at focused group sessions, which will be set up in Autumn this year. We have provided all BID businesses with the survey either by email or hand delivered. We can resend or re-deliver paper versions on request. If you have not yet received one please do contact us and we will be happy to get one to you, and have a chat over anything you would like to discuss about Try Twickenham BID.

BID Business Survey

Phone: 020 34170 809 

Leonna Staple, BID Manager