Miranda Jessop books in for a check-up with the founder of Richmond Dental Suite. | Try Twickenham

Miranda Jessop books in for a check-up with the founder of Richmond Dental Suite.

Author: Miranda Jessop / Date: Tue, 12/09/2017 - 18:56 /


Miranda Jessop books in for a check-up with Dr Antimos Ouzounoglou, founder and lead dentist at Richmond Dental Suite.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden to Greek parents.  When I was fifteen years old, everyone in my class was expected to sign up for a week’s work placement and, for some reason, I was late for school on the day that we had to choose.  I arrived to find there were only two options left - a florist or a dentist.  I chose the latter and it was this experience that made me realise dentistry might just be the profession for me.  For the first time in my life I felt I had a real sense of purpose.  I went back to school, improved my grades and was offered a place at the prestigious dental school in Gothenburg, Sweden where I trained for five years.

After working as a dentist for a couple of years in Sweden, I moved to London in 2001.  I was only planning to stay a few months but I never actually left.  I was offered a job in the City and, at that time, I was probably one of the youngest dentists in the Square Mile, treating patients from all the major financial institutions and law firms.  I worked in the City for seven years before taking a job as the in-house dentist at BP in Sunbury.

When BP decided to close their dental department, I founded Richmond Dental Suite so that I could continue to treat the large number of patients and their families who had been under my care for many years. The response from my existing patients was overwhelming and, within a year, we had outgrown the surgery I was renting in Richmond. It was time to find a bigger premises which led to where we are now.

I have always loved Twickenham, so much so that I decided to move my family here a few years ago.  When it was time to relocate my practice, I knew Twickenham was where I wanted to be.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality private dental care for the whole family.  We offer a wide range of treatments for both children and adults.  Patients can choose a ‘pay as you go’ option or they can sign up to one of our dental care plans for as little as £5 a month for children and £19.07 a month for adults while also receiving worldwide accident and emergency cover at no extra cost.  Members also benefit from an additional 20% off many of our services including teeth whitening, fillings and crowns.

I couldn’t do my job without my staff.  In order to succeed as a dentist you need a highly skilled, caring team around you.  We believe in traditional values and we offer a friendly and personal service, treating patients as if they are a part of our family.  We are open Monday to Saturday with early morning and late evening appointments to suit our patients’ needs.

Twickenham is such a great place to live and work.  I love coming to work so much that it often feels more like a hobby than a job. I genuinely enjoy getting to know my patients and helping them to regain their smile.  There is a lovely village feel to Twickenham and the open green spaces and close proximity to the river remind me of Stockholm.  I am truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.

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