Miranda Jessop checks out Twickenham’s newly refurbished Iceland | Try Twickenham

Miranda Jessop checks out Twickenham’s newly refurbished Iceland

Author: Miranda Jessop / Date: Mon, 08/01/2018 - 14:12 /


Miranda Jessop checks out Twickenham’s newly refurbished Iceland as she talks to store manager, Maria Marney (4th from left).

I was brought across to manage Iceland, Twickenham in time for the big re-opening at the end of November.   A total of £1.5 million was spent on the refurbishment and the transformation is incredible.   It is so much more spacious and, as well as more freezers, we now have a much bigger grocery section.

Our customers’ reactions to the new look have been so positive.  They love all the different ranges we have introduced but, at the same time,  they are pleased to see that our prices haven’t  increased.  We are delighted to have welcomed lots of first-time customers through the door and we really are busier than we have ever been.

Our wider ‘Luxury’ range is proving very popular especially the jams, chutneys and cooking sauces.  In the freezer, we also have a variety of new ‘Luxury’ ready meals. Two of our most popular dishes are Steak Stroganoff with Wild Rice and Spanish Chicken.

People may not realise that Iceland also has an exclusive range of ready meals from Slimming World with delicious low calorie dishes such as Chicken & Chorizo Style Sausage Paella and Aromatic Chicken Noodles.

We like to make life as easy as possible for our customers and, anyone spending over £20 at checkout and living within a five mile radius, can choose to have their shopping delivered free of charge to their home later that day.

I used to manage the Mitcham branch of Iceland and, before that, the one in Tooting. I was asked to come over to Twickenham because I am known for my very high standards.

I believe that a successful manager needs to be a strong leader as well as good with people.  Two other qualities that definitely come in useful are persistence and consistency.

I couldn’t possibly do my job without my amazing team.  We now have seventeen members of staff and we are expecting a few more to join us in the near future.  When I am recruiting staff, I look for a candidate who is outgoing and who is as passionate about customer service as I am.

Iceland is a great company to work for; it is constantly evolving and there is so much opportunity for employees to progress.  I wholeheartedly believe that Iceland is a supermarket of the future.

We have been so busy since I joined that I haven’t had a chance to look round Twickenham properly yet but I am looking forward to getting to know the town better as time goes on.  So far, though, I really like what I’ve seen.