Miranda Jessop talks to Devin Chawda, Co-founder and CEO of Y-cam Solutions Ltd | Try Twickenham

Miranda Jessop talks to Devin Chawda, Co-founder and CEO of Y-cam Solutions Ltd

Author: Miranda Jessop / Date: Mon, 01/05/2017 - 23:01 /


Miranda Jessop talks to Devin Chawda, Co-founder and CEO of Y-cam Solutions Ltd

The idea for the business first came to me when I was on my honeymoon in 2005.  I received a notification that my burglar alarm had gone off in my flat but I had no way of knowing what had actually caused it.  I hated that feeling of helplessness and it made me wish I had a camera set up in my home so that I could see what was going on right at that very moment.

As soon as I came back, I started working on my vision to create a home security system that could be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world.  I joined up with Sheng Tang, one of my former colleagues in telecoms, and together we set up Y-cam Solutions.  

In a nutshell, we offer smart security solutions for the average consumer.  If you are away on holiday, our systems will alert you if any motion is detected and enable you to instantly view activity in your home on your smartphone.  All the cameras connect over the internet and videos are stored for free in your own private cloud account.

We have developed our products significantly over the last ten years.  With an integrated camera and alarm, our latest product Y-cam Protect provides the complete security system so your home is protected, no matter what.  It also includes optional SIM card backup, providing professional grade security without the professional price tag.

Y-cam products are designed to be used by virtually anyone.  They are easy to set up and no technical knowledge is required.  Our products are designed specifically for the mainstream consumer and we have made sure they are accessible and affordable to all.

Although our systems are used primarily for security, some of our customers are also finding them useful for checking up on elderly relatives as well as monitoring household help.

To complement Y-cam Protect, we are about to launch our Solar Outdoor Siren which we have discovered is as loud as a rock concert and sure to deter any intruders.

For a small company in Twickenham to have developed all these products as well as the underlying technology platform, we are so proud of everything that we have achieved. We now have twenty members of staff working for us.

I couldn't do my job without Skype.  My co-founder, Sheng is actually based in Denmark so it is our main communication tool and, without Skype, it would be extremely difficult.

I have the shortest possible commute as I live right above the office.  It is very convenient especially as my wife and I have just welcomed a new baby, our third daughter.

There's no better place to live and work than Twickenham; we are close to the river and the train links up to London are so quick. I was born in Whitton so I really haven't moved very far.

For a quick lunch I pop across the road to Ke Sushi.  For special office lunches, we often head to The White Swan and sit on the terrace right by the river. 

We've spent so many years developing our products and now it's time to make sure people know about them.  The ultimate aim is that whenever anyone wants smart good value products to protect their property, they think of Y-cam.

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