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The People Hive

Author: Lesley / Date: Tue, 03/04/2018 - 17:17 /

The People Hive is an exciting new project being launched by RHLT (Reaching Hearts and Lives Together) who are a leading provider of services for people with learning disabilities in and around the borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

Their new shop front premises, opening soon at 8 Heath Road, will be an outlet and gallery for arts and crafts created by people in the local community, such as honey, soaps, quality knitted goods and ceramics.

It's being called the Hive as they want it to be a really buzzy place for their clients where they'll be able to find out what is available to them in the borough. This aim was born out of the realisation that there are very many activities taking place each week and throughout the summer which are unknown to their clients and those who work with them.  The Hive would like to make these known to all from one single resource.

The Hive will also be welcoming new ideas from the Twickenham community for creative activities and workshops for those in the local community as they hope to eventually hold these within the new premises. 

They will also be partially staffed by volunteers with learning disabilities who will gain valuable work experience in customer service and general office duties, which they hope will eventually lead to paid work.

This hive of activity will also be their central administrative point so that any potential volunteers or merely interested parties can learn about what they do and come in to discuss any ideas or opportunities which are on offer.  

To discuss anything which you may have to offer to the Hive, whether of artwork, time, ideas or activities contact Alice Maslen on