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Talking Shop - Season Cookshop

Author: Miranda Jessop / Date: Fri, 09/12/2016 - 14:42 / Tags: Talking Shop, Miranda Jessop, news
Season Cookshop's Christmas window display

Miranda Jessop turns the spotlight on Season Cookshop as Managing Director, Jason Moran spills the beans and celebrates a year in Twickenham.


It was my passion for cooking that prompted me, four years ago, to take over and rebrand an existing cookware company which had three shops in Balham, West Hampstead and Crouch End.  I knew I wanted to focus completely on kitchenware and do it really well, so I changed the name of the shops from James Nicholas to Season Cookshop.

When we opened our fourth shop in Twickenham a year ago, we were given such a warm welcome.  Every second person coming in said it was a lovely store and exactly what the town needed.  To have that sort of reception was amazing.

What we do is very simple, our aim is to give every customer the best possible product for their cooking needs at a price that suits them.  We work hard with our suppliers to get the lowest prices available and we always have special offers running.

I test out a lot of the products myself.  To choose the right garlic crusher, for example, means me contacting all the manufacturers, taking them home, crushing garlic and trying them out so I can be absolutely confident that we have chosen the perfect one for our customers.

My 'back of the cupboard' test is always in my brain.  If I think it's a product people are only going to use a couple of times and stick in the back of the cupboard, we won't stock it. 

You may not realise that our staff are all either trained chefs or enthusiastic home cooks.  They know their stuff inside out.  They can not only sell you the best roasting tins, they can also tell you how to make the perfect roast potatoes. 

Our top selling product is very unsexy.  It's a kettle protector which is a little steel wire ball. You simply pop it in your kettle and it collects all the limescale.  It's functional and works well, that's why people love them. 

Twickenham has a wide variety of people. We'll get someone coming in where money is no object and then there'll be someone who needs to work to a tight budget.   Generally we find our Twickenham customers are down to earth and very friendly.

Christmas is our busiest period.   We love this time of year and it's always a case of all hands on deck.

My favourite place for lunch is Ruben's Bakehouse.  It's a company after my own heart; you buy a soup, it's not cheap but it tastes fantastic.  They use great quality ingredients and the breads are amazing. 

I am so lucky in my job because I love cooking and I love design and I get to spend hours playing with the finest cookware in the world.


Season Cookshop, 33 King Street


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