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Twick Chat - Cinzia

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Author: Try Twickenham / Date: Wed, 15/02/2017 - 13:07 /

I met Cinzia (pictured right) while she was sketching down by the flooded riverside. She thinks the river is “wonderful” and loves the “general atmosphere” in Twickenham.

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By Bethan Sproat 

Cinzia has been a professional artist since 1975 and is a member of the Royal British Artist Society as well as the founding member of the Small Painting Group. Her main passion is her art and her favourite thing to paint are people, although she dabbles in painting other things such as landscapes and still life.


She decided to make the trip into Twickenham today because of the sun; “I wanted to be by the river” because “it’s so peaceful, it’s beautiful.” I asked what inspires Cinzia and she told me that she’s “never quite sure of when [she’s] going to be inspired by something, but people inspire [her].”


She told me about how she often goes for some lunch at Waitrose and then heads somewhere in Twickenham to sketch. Her favourite place is the riverside, but she also finds inspiration in other places around the town, including the open space next to Waitrose. I asked her what she likes about the space, she described it as being “ideal” and “pleasant and hidden away a bit.” Cinzia likes that there are seats as well as greenery with trees, hedges, and grass, it’s “wonderful” in the Summer months.


You can read more about Cinzia and have a look at her beautiful artwork here (

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