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Twick Chat - Dan

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Author: Try Twickenham / Date: Fri, 09/12/2016 - 14:19 / Tags: Twick Chat, news
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Celebrating the Twickenham community
By Bethan Sproat

If you drink Coca-Cola in Twickenham, this is the guy behind it all. His name is Dan and he is a sales representative for Coca-Cola.

So what does he like about Twickenham? “I love the river; I love the people around here as well... it’s just generally a great place!” Dan has worked all over London but likes working in the Twickenham area because “everybody smiles at you and is friendly.” He likes that everybody seems to know everybody and it’s a great atmosphere to work in.

As somebody who doesn’t live in Twickenham, but is here every day for work, I was keen to get his perspective on whether or not he would visit outside of work hours. His response was that he would “love coming here at some other point apart from his working week to see what goes on” in the evenings and weekends. He pointed out that he enjoyed all the Al Fresco dining down Church Street which took place Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings in the Summer months, even though they were outside of working hours for him.

Another thing that Dan likes about working with businesses in Twickenham is the camaraderie that surrounds the rugby; “all [the businesses] I work with seem to know each other and often get together before the rugby matches are on.” He loves that “there’s always something going on.”

Despite this, I asked Dan if he had any ideas about how we can make Twickenham even better. He, like many others who visit the town, thinks that the riverside is a “beautiful location and a lot can be done with it.” More could certainly be done with the riverside and he argues that it could become the next Southbank with “little stalls and stuff always happening.” 


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