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Twick Chat - Leon

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Author: Try Twickenham / Date: Fri, 09/12/2016 - 14:28 / Tags: Twick Chat, news
Leon the dog ponders the river

Celebrating the Twickenham community
By Bethan Sproat

I met Leon (pictured above) while walking down the riverside where I spoke to his owner about Twickenham. Leon’s owners have lived in Twickenham for 15 years and believe “it’s a really nice place to live and I think the people who live here like it; we’re very lucky.” 

I asked him if he’d seen much change in Twickenham since he moved here. His response was very positive, saying that his favourite thing about the town is the riverbank; “the council has done a brilliant job with it, it’s lovely all year around.” He also praised the riverside for its accessibility because “[he walks] the dog every day along the river and it’s always a pleasure.”

Something else that Leon’s owner likes about Twickenham is that “[Church Street] is a lovely part of history. Most of historical London has been destroyed but Twickenham has kept at least some of it.”

As he has been a resident of Twickenham for 15 years, I asked him what his views were about the Rugby. He is very enthusiastic about the rugby as he thinks it has “contributed to Twickenham’s prosperity” because of the sheer number of people it brings to Twickenham. It is good for businesses, with shops, restaurants and bars being full on match days.  

Leon’s owners’ passions lie within charity. Since he is now retired, he helps to raise money for soldiers who have been damaged by service in Afghanistan and Iraq. To do this he organises the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch which takes place in Guild Hall, London attracting approximately 1500 people each year. Next year is the 10th event, if you want to find out more about this event, click the link below:


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