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White Rabbit Drama Club

When: Tuesday, 18 April, 2017 - 10:15 to 17:45
Description: Weekly Drama classes at Twickenham Library. Bunnies Pre-school from 2 1/2 years, 10:15-10:50 Pre-school classes take place in the morning, when we are all full of energy and ready for fun! Through gentle warm ups & interactive storytelling, we introduce the children to a new world each week, where they can create & explore new characters & learn to express their emotions. £6.50 ​ ​ Little Rabbits 4-6 years, 15:15-15:50 With a mixture of fun games & themed adventures, we offer a gentle introduction to the world of drama, building confidence & finding our voices along the way. £6.50 ​ Intermediate 7-11 years, 16:00-16:50 Through improvisation & character work, we help young people to develop their own stories & find their voice in theatre. Everybody has a story to tell, everyone has a voice. Through key lessons, learn to use your own imagination & experiences to devise work that is exciting, captivating and most importantly, personal to you. £7
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