Free parking in Twickenham | Try Twickenham

Free parking in Twickenham

Take advantage of our fantastic offer of your first 59 minutes parking free between 10am - 3pm, Monday to Saturday, courtesy of Try Twickenham businesses via RingGo cashless parking.

Use the free parking from Twickenham businesses to support 'shop local' and take advantage of the fabulous offers from our independent retailers.

See our map for the free parking locations.

To use the offer you have to be registered with RingGo, the cashless parking solution already used by all the parking locations in Twickenham.   

You can register to book parking on the phone 020 3046 0010, or you can download the RingGo App onto a phone with internet access.   Please note that if you opt to receive text messages from RingGo there will be a charge for these, however you can opt out of the texts when you set up your account or by going to your settings page if already registered.

How to use RingGo

Using a phone or app on a smartphone, repeat or input the number
  that is displayed on the parking machine.

• Or on the app find a location near you, and tap on one of the green icons displayed.

• To claim the free 59 minutes, you must move the slider to display 59 minutes or request 59 minutes on the phone.

• You can buy extra time if needed via the app or phone.

Do I have to pre-register?
  • No. You can call RingGo as you park  your car. To save time you can pre-registervia our apps or on the internet at

How does it work?
  • You can pay for parking with RingGo by using our smartphone apps, calling, sending a text message or booking online/over the mobile internet.

The first time you use the service you will need to provide:
  • Your vehicle’s registration, make and colour

  • The code for your location - a four  digit number is shown clearly on the pay and display machine

  • How long you want to park, and your payment card details

On subsequent uses, the system remembers you and asks you:
  • To confirm the vehicle you want to park

  • To confirm the location

  • How long you want to park, and your card security code

How much does it cost?
  • All calls to RingGo are charged at standard rate, using the app is free.

  • Switch-off confirmation and reminder texts as they cost 25p per message.

Can I extend my parking?
  • Yes. Simply use the apps or call again. The service will ask you:

  • How much extra time you want and

  • Your card security code

Is a ticket required? How do Civil Enforcement Officers check that I’m parked correctly?
  • No ticket is needed. The Civil Enforcement Officer looks up your number plate on a handheld device. This checks the RingGo system to make sure you have paid.

How can I get a VAT receipt?

*Arragon Road Car Park is not in the Twickenham offer, due to free parking available via shopping at Waitrose.